Saturday, 11 December 2010

New Bed(s)

Today I nipped out and bought Henry yet another new bed. This is the fourth new bed in two months that I've invested in. I say invested because the last time I bought dog beds was 1994, a very sound investment indeed as they lasted until 2010, right up until Henry decided to embark on his dog bed chewing phase at the age of about three or possibly four. The first one was chewed not long after we lost Badger, I put that one down to poor Henry missing his friend. The second one went not long after, I put that down to the same problem.

Then we had a lull, no chewing, nothing. Then he started chewing his cage - yes poor Henry in a cage, in a rented house we had no option. So the cage has somebent bits on it, but he does seem to have stopped that now after we realised the cage was right next to the cupboard containing the dog food......not sure how we didn't spot that sooner.

So, we needed new dog beds, off to Pets At Home we went and promply fell on the floor at the price of dog beds. Thinking back, I spent about £45 on the 1994 dog beds so in reality they have stabilised in price still being on average £45, the trouble is that £45 back then was considerably less to me than it is now. Then other half had a brain wave. The dog bed covers were less than £20 each, why didn't we buy two of those (less than the price of one dog bed) and then trip over to Asda and buy two Smart Price duvets to fill them with. Total price £50 for two spanking new very country life type dog beds. Henry and Molly love them, they hardly gave other half the time to make them up before they were laying upside down on them. Good dog bed investment.

So, the new dog beds weren't going to go in Henrys cage, no way. So I bought a dog cage pad type of bed, total £18. He loved it, he snuggle in it, laid on it,Molly went in the cage and laid on it, refusing to get out, it matched the carpet so lessening the impact of a giant dog cage in the living room, it was great.

Five days on he chewed it.

Two months on from that I have bought a new one, I dog bed watched for a couple of weeks and there has been no chewing at all, lets hope this time Henry's cage stays nice and smart from now on.

Next I suppose we should get new coats for them, the current ones also survive from 1994...

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